We are now looking forward to the Bank of England Round Table on 7th October

We have the pleasure in hosting the Bank of England’s regional autumn roundtable, in association with the Federation of Small Businesses on 7th October 2020.

As part of this initiative, we held a series of intimate roundtables to encourage locals to bring their ideas, quite literally, to the table and we look forward to presenting these in October

Apart from providing a social hub, one of our core objectives at The Hive is to maximise networking opportunities for local businesspeople. So, as part of this initiative and in preparation for the 7th October, we held a series of intimate forums to encourage local business people to bring their ideas to the table, in the form of ‘Wealden Open Forums’.

We have teamed up with experienced business and development coach, Philip Crocker of Darwin Whitty, to host a series of mini debates, each comprising 6 to 8 people. Chairing the discussions, Philip Crocker has a warm and engaging personality with a very natural conversational style that allows delegates to enter into a powerful dialogue in which all sorts of change can happen. Philip has a wealth of experience in commercial, regulated markets, public and not-for-profit sectors. He currently acts as Mentor and Executive Coach to senior leaders at CEO and Director level and is an accredited coach supervisor.

Co-hosted by The Hive and Darwin Whitty, our Wealden Insights Mini Roundtables were held between March and July 2020, from 7pm.

The main event 7th October 2020

We’ll be welcoming the Bank of England’s Deputy Agent, South East & East Anglia, Alex Golledge, who will be chairing the discussion, as well as the Federation of Small Businesses’ Development Manager, Alison Parmar. The event will include an economic update followed by a business insight discussion. Panelists so far include local agricultural business entrepreneur, Sarah Calcutt, and our very own co-founder, Emma Wood.

Forum News and Reviews 2020

July Forum conducted over Zoom

A vision of Cranbrook to come: highlights of the July Wealden Open Forum. Local business owners reassembled via videoconference on 2nd July to help shape the agenda for the Bank of England Business Insights Roundtable being hosted by The Hive in October 2020.

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June Forum conducted over Zoom

Local business owners reconvened this month for the fourth Wealden Open Forum ahead of the Bank of England Business Insights Roundtable in October2020. In this session, host Philip Crocker posed five questions for discussion, among attendees Emma Wood, Robin Beck, Hazel Broadley, Stuart Smith, Nathan Blackmore, Steve Bergson, Susie Smith and John Mather.

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May Forum conducted over Zoom

Hosted by The Hive and Darwin Whitty, local residents and small business owners have been gathering once a month to help to set the agenda for the forthcoming Bank of England Business Insights Roundtable. Attended by entrepreneur Emma Wood; business consultant Robin Beck; content writer Hazel Broadley, marketing and media consultant Stuart Smith; financial planner Nathan Blackmore; digital content specialist Steve Bergson; ops director Sarah Calcutt; IT consultant Alex Baggott; and social media consultant Susie Smith – the theme emerging from this month’s session was one of humanisation.

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April Forum conducted over Zoom

For the second Wealden Forum, on 9th April, local business owners went virtual – joining host Philip Crocker via Zoom – to discuss a number of lockdown-related issues in preparation for the Bank of England / FSB Business Insights roundtable at The Hive this coming October.

Participants included local entrepreneur Emma Wood; marketing and branding director Kerry Richards; small business consultant Robin Beck, local content writer Hazel Broadley, marketing and media consultant Stuart Smith; financial planner Nathan Blackmore; digital content specialist Steve Bergson; produce industry ops director Sarah Calcutt; automotive website sales director Jules Rastelli; social media consultant Susie Smith; and music club director Keith Stockman.

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March Forum

Stuart Smith, Stephen Bergson, Philip Crocker, Nigel Whitehead, David Northcroft, Susie Smith, Emma Wood and Robin Beck for giving up their time and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Lots of very interesting insights on business in the Weald with a common theme emerging of lack of connectivity and joined up thinking between business, Government and the disjointed way that local authourity departments work making it harder for enterprise to set up and thrive.

Many other observations too. Join us for the next Wealden Business Insights open forum to have your say ahead of the Bank of England round table in October

Parish Cake article March 2020

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