The Hive is an enterprise support, hot-desking and social hub designed to meet the needs of business, community, friends and family.

As a brand new concept, The Hive is unique and boutique. Its multi-purpose spaces, user-friendly services, great hospitality and hyper-speed secure internet are designed to increase footfall and create a hub with a buzz on the high street.

Be happier at the Hive!

We are passionate about promoting work-life balance and well-being.

Offering a warm welcome to the community, businesspeople and visitors to the town, our building layout and table arrangements are specially designed to bring people together in different ways, at different times of each day. Each space is multi-purpose so that friends, family and colleagues can enjoy the Hive in a way that suits them best.

Mix business with pleasure at the Hive

From Monday to Friday during working hours, the Hive offers a professional yet flexible space orientated around the needs of local business people, while our Buzz Lounge is open to the general public as a sophisticated coffee lounge for social get-togethers and informal meetings.

Our hot desk benches and meeting zones offer sociable spaces for people to co-work, cross-pollinate ideas and share contacts. There’s no need to work in constant isolation at home – or to worry about how best to find the guidance you need to support your organisation – as the Hive offers a free information area, as well as access to a wealth of financial and training resources.

Each weekday evening from 5.30pm and during weekends, the whole of the Hive becomes a social hub, with our licensed bar and eatery open to all members of the community to meet up and enjoy one another’s company.

Eat healthier at the Hive

We are an independent family business with Cranbrook-Corfu heritage. In our Greek kitchen, we bring 35 years’ experience of Ionian cuisine together with vast knowledge of how best to incorporate local produce from across Kent and Sussex to create the tastiest and healthiest Anglo-Greek dishes. Whether eating in or taking away, day or night, you can enjoy our wide selection of meze and one-pot specialities. During evenings and weekends, we encourage ‘taverna table’ bookings to bring people together for plenty of good conversation and good cheer. Taverna-style dining means there is no pressure to eat up and go. Instead, you can take time to relax.

Drink healthier at the Hive

As part of our commitment to offering healthy alternatives, we serve a range of Greek herbal teas. Each is wild and organic from the mountains of Epirus and has natural medicinal benefits to ease various ailments.

We also serve highly nutritious Greek bee pollen as an optional extra to accompany our salads and yoghurt-based dishes.

Be inspired at the Hive

In addition, to promote the well-being of our visitors, we have incorporated the following:

Art displays – showcased by local experts Grierson Galleries, the work of various Wealden artists provide inspiration and stimulation throughout the Hive

Ceiling garden – our hanging plants both enhance and oxygenate work areas

Air purifiers – designed to filter out pollutants whilst heating or cooling each space to provide the optimal ambient temperature


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19 Stone Street, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3HF