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Hot Desk in the Biz Studio

Open Monday to Friday, with free desks for Buzz Packers at the weekend

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Flexible Hot desks, the more you book the less you pay

Co-working benches, seating for up to 10 buzz pack holders

You can book a space for half-day sessions (morning 8.00am–12pm and/or afternoon 1.00pm–5.00pm) and full day visits (8.00am–5.00pm). A space in the Biz Studio can only be used by Buzz Pack holders, when they have pre-booked their space.

The Hive offers highly flexible services and pricing is calculated on the principle that the longer a hot desker stays the less per hour they pay, up to and including a maximum of 20 sessions of any type of those listed (this does not apply to ad-hoc parent-friendly services, meeting zone and biz booth facilities), beyond which discounts terminate and revert to repeat rates. Hot deskers can book beyond 20 sessions of any type, but no further discount is applied. If you would like to commit to more than 20 sessions on a repeat basis, please speak to a member of management.

Super Fast Internet at the Hive

To deliver the best possible internet experience, The Hive has invested in a private, dedicated fibre leased line circuit, that means it is uncontended guaranteeing customers a synchronous 100MB connection. When using our service, your connected equipment and connection to the internet is private and therefore safe, we have robust firewall appliances to prevent intrusion, meaning consistently, uninterrupted high performance.

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