Coworking at The Hive: driving productivity while keeping mental health in check

Mental health issues associated with lone working have been growing in the UK for a number of years now, and with half of our workforce predicted to work remotely by 2020, things are only going to get worse unless we take proactive measures to support the lone-working  community.

It’s true that working from home adds a layer of flexibility to our busy lives – it allows us to spend less time commuting and more time with our families. But during the typical working day, it can actually be quite lonely. Humans are inherently social beings, and without particularly being conscious of the fact, we thrive on social interaction. Therefore, spending all day every day without any form of human stimulation can actually be more detrimental to our health than we realise.

 In fact, research shows that most of us (90%) feel more confident when co-working rather than working from home or in a traditional office, and over a third of us feel healthier in general (70%). What’s more, those of us who opt to co-work from time to time feel far more relaxed when we are at home.

Meanwhile, it has also been proven that co-working drives productivity levels: almost three-quarters of co-workers (74%) are more productive and almost a third (64%) are better able to complete tasks on time.

So, statistics aside, what can we do to solve the lone-working dilemma? Well at The Hive, we actively encourage those who are self-employed or work from home to come and join us when they can – not only to take advantage of our full-service co-working space and meet other businesspeople, but to engage in social activities, too.

We’ve specifically designed our space to offer a range of sociable, flexible and supportive co-working opportunities during the day. But in addition to this, come 5pm, The Hive becomes the perfect social hub for the local community to come and get to know each other, and share work or social experiences. In this way, local businesspeople can really start to feel part of a team, collaborating where necessary, while also continuing to work on projects independently.

With many individuals in Cranbrook and The Weald likely to feel the pressures of modern life at some point during their working lives, we feel it’s important for people to be able to open up and address any mental health issues they are facing. At The Hive, we’re passionate about providing a supportive environment for those who may be struggling with various work or social-related anxieties, and as such, our chosen charity is West Kent Mind, a Local Mind Association which is affiliated to the national charity Mind.

As a leading independent mental health charity, West Kent Mind promotes values such as: “staying well, empowering choice, improving services and support, enabling social participation, and removing inequality of opportunity;all of which we are dedicated to upholding at The Hive.

As part of our efforts to support charities such as West Kent Mind, The Hive will be holding monthly in-house social and networking events aimed at raising funds for a number of good causes across Cranbrook, Sissinghurst and further afield.

Our first BIG BUZZ social networking event

Will be held on Thursday 4thJuly from 7.00pm until 10.00pm at The Hive, 19, Stone Street, Cranbrook, TN17 3HF, and includes a two-course buffet (comprising a generous spread of Greek specialities followed by a five-tier chocolate fountain with Baklava bites, marshmallows, gluten-free brownies and Kent and Sussex fruits), as well as a reception drink on arrival. Grierson Galleries will also be showcasing the work of some very talented artists as part of their launch season exhibition.

Come along and create a buzz around your organisation while meeting like-minded individuals and supporting this wonderful charity. Tickets cost just £25, with £5 from each ticket going directly to West Kent Mind. Click here, or call 01580 71772, to reserve your place today!