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Open for everyone, Greek Kitchen and Licensed Bar

We serve coffee, cake, soft drinks, meze and snacks throughout each day from 9am
Lunches: Our kitchen is open from 12 noon until 2.30pm every day
Dinner: Our kitchen is open from 6.30pm until 9pm Tuesday to Saturday
Please note we are closed on Sundays from the 1st October to the 31st March unless a private hire reservation has been made.

Anglo-Greek CuisineAnglo-Greek Deli Bar at the Hive

Open to all – delicious authentic cuisine from our Greek kitchen & licensed bar.

Greek Kitchen at The Hive Open

The Hive is a family business and its cuisine a celebration of its Anglo-Greek heritage. The family’s younger generations derive from Cranbrook in Kent and Corfu in the Ionian Islands.

From our kitchen we serve a delicious variety of healthy Corfiot mezes (small plates) and simple English favourites using local produce wherever possible. Our guests can also enjoy a sharing platter which offers a mix of each so that you can enjoy the flavours of both. We also have a specials board where we feature a tasty ‘one-pot’ dish of the day.

Our Greek dishes are influenced by Italian cuisine because Corfu was under the rule of the Venetian Empire for more than 400 years. Made with authentic ingredients favourites include our chicken pitta in a basket with Tzatiki on the side, Margarita Pesto pitta and baklava with Taywell’s ice cream.

If you have any allergy or intolerance it is essential you bring this to the attention of the duty manager, so that we can ensure we can cater for your needs.

Authentic Taverna Style Dining – please book in advance on 0800 0219 555

As big fans of relaxed Mediterranean dining that brings family and friends together and as part of our commitment to promoting community, during week day evenings and at the weekend you can also book a ‘taverna table’ with your own ‘one-pot’ as a centre piece dish with Greek salad, pitta bread and a selection of mezes, followed by dessert. This sociable relaxed way of dining is charged at a set rate per person and needs to be booked in advance. 

Eat Greek!

Cranbrook Deli Bar

Anglo-Greek Menu

We serve coffee, cake, soft drinks, meze and snacks throughout each day from 9am
Lunches: Our kitchen is open from 12 noon until 2.30pm every day for main meals
Dinner: Our kitchen is open from 6.30pm until 9pm Tuesday to Saturday
The kitchen is closed Sunday & Monday
We are able to cater for private bookings, but advance reservation is required

A selction of small plates. These are prepared daily, so please see our blackboards or ask a member of our team what is fresh from the kitchen when youu visit.

Pita bread (plain)   £1.95 (V, VG, GF)

Ionian pita bread   £2.25 (V, GF)

Brushed with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, Ionian mountain herbs and seasoning    

Our pita bread is made at a leading bakery in Athens that was established during the 1950s and is express delivered to us.

We do stock wholemeal stone baked gluten free pita which is sourced in the UK

Feta fetish   £4.25

For feta lovers, this tangy meze dish is a joy with wine or lager. Mature feta cubes, sprinkled with paprika, oregano and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil 


Olives   £3.75

Green almond olives (V/VG/GF)

Kalamata olives  (V/VG/GF)

Jumbo green with lemon and corriander (V/VG/GF)


Tapenades   £3.95

Green & black olive, sundried tomato, feta & greek basil (V/GF)

Green olives, goats cheese, rosemanry & chilli (V/GF)

Green olives with florina peppers & chilli (V/VG/GF)

Kalamata olives with fig & mint (V/VG/GF)


Pastes £3.95

Aubergine and basil with extra virgin olive oil (V/VG/GF)

Roasted pepper with fresh chillies (V/VG/GF)

Sundried tomato with fresh basil (V/VG/GF)



Tzatiki   £4.55

 Live Greek yoghurt cucumber and garlic dip (V/GF)

Hummous   £4.75

Chickpea paste, extra virgin olive oil and fresh coriander

Taramasalata   £4.95

Delicate blend of fish roe, bread (gluten free), extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and onion     


Hot Meze

Horiatiki loukaniko   £5.50 (GF)

Slices of sautéed Greek village sausage with leek, baked with mixed peppers, onions and oregano served with a squeeze of lemon juice

Gigantes spanaki   £5.50 (V/VG/GF)

Slow cooked giant butter beans in onion and tomato sauce with spinach            

Keftethes me saltsa   £5.50

Hearty beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce


Mixed Meze

For One   £9.00

1 x pita, 1 x feta & olives, 1 x dip, 1 x side portion of the daily special

For Two   £17.00

2 x pitas, 1 x feta & olives 2 x dips, 1 x main portion of the daily special to share 

TomMozza salata   £5.75

Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves (and red onion- optional) drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, dressed with fresh pesto and garnished with basil leaves (V/GF)

Horiatiki salata

Mini (one person)   £4.75     Maxi (two people to share)   £6.95

Village salad, a delicious mix of crispy lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mixed peppers, Kalamata olives & feta cheese, dressed with wine vinegar, olive oil and oregano. (V/GF/VG-option)


Soups    £6.50

 Between Autumn and Spring we serve a daily homemade soup with a fresh bread roll and chunk of cheese. See our ‘Today’s dishes’ board for details of our healthy warming soups.

Filo pastry pies   £8.50

All served with Greek salad

Spanakopita (V/VG)

Spinach, leek, fresh dill and onion in folded pastry

Tiropita (V)

Mix of Feta, Gouda and Mezithra cheeses in folded pastry



Our own house speciality. To quote our customers: “It’s better than pizza!”

Margarita pesto pita (V/VG-option)

Small (20 cms wide)   £4.95     Large (23cms wide)   £6.95 

Authentic pita bread from Athens brushed with Ionian dressing, topped with garlic passata, mozzarella, fresh pesto and dressed with oregano and basil leaves

Add the following for an extra £1.00 each – onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach leaves

Add the following for an extra £1.95 each – Greek sausage, marinated chicken, parma ham  


Pitas in a basket   £9.95

(Evenings only unless pre-ordered)

Kotopoulo pita

Pita garnished with Ionian dressing, filled with Greek salad, topped with marinated chicken pieces, with Tzatziki on the side                      

Loukaniko pita

Pita garnished with Ionian dressing, filled with Greek salad, topped with slices of sautéed Greek sausage with leek & Tzatiki on the side. 

All £4.75 each

Pistachio Baklava bites with Taywell’s caramel & fudge pieces ice cream (V)

Almond and walnut Kataifi with Taywell’s Madagascan vanilla ice cream (V)

Greek yoghurt with walnuts and Greek thyme honey or Kent runny honey (V) (GF)

Fruit Burst – Melon with two scoops of: cherry sorbet/mango & rasperry ripple/strawberry ice cream topped with your choice of: raspberry &vanilla coulis/ mango, passion fruit & yuzu coulis

We also have a selection of cakes on display which can be married any ice cream of your choice


Corfu-Meets-Kent Cheese Board

Solo £6.95     Sharer £9.95

On our cheese board we create an explosion of flavours as we combine some of the best hard and crumbly cheeses from both regios with fruits.

A variety of crackers with some of each cheese- Kefalotyri, mature Feta, Kentish Blue & Mayfield Swiss servied with fig preserve. quince jelly, kumquat marmalade and walnuts               

Taverna Table – Evenings & Weekends Only NB: must be booked AT Least 48 hours in advance

A group set menu to include a ‘one pot’ of your choice listed below for the table, served with Greek salad, pita breads and a selection from our tapenades, pastes or dips. You can add other ‘mezes’ to the table at an extra cost. We are happy to prepare an addiotonal ‘one -pot’ for those with special dietary requirements.

Due to demand and the food being freshly prepared taverna tables must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

£20.00 per head – select one of the following for your table:

Keftethes me saltsa

Hearty beef meeballs in a rich tomato sauce served on a bed of seasoned rice

Stifado (GF)

Succulent chunks of beef stewed with shallots in red wine and tomato sauce on a bed of seasoned rice

Yemista (V/VG/GF)

Oven baked mixed peppers stuffed with rice, diced mushrooms, courgettes and herbs with steamed asparagus on the side.

£22.00 per head – select from one of the following for your table:

Kotopoulo forno (GF)

Split new potatoes and chicken marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, rosemary, thyme and garlic baked in the oven.

Kleftico (GF)

Lamb rump, stuffed with tangy tomato and feta cheese baked in it’s own juices and passata in a parchment parcel with mixed peppers, onions garlic and oregano served on a bed of seasoned rice.

Lavraki me patatas (V/GF)

Sea bass gently steamed on a bed of pan sautéed potatoes and asparagus in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and white wine and simmered in a base of sofrito with our secret seasoning!

Booking Enquiry for a table at the Hive

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  • Please remember to tell us

  • The date of your booking

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  • How many people are in your party, and if any are children

  • Whether anyone in your party has any dietary requirements or allergies

  • And lastly a telephone number we can contact you on

Please note that whilst we will do our very best to accommodate you and your party, we are a small venue and have limited capacity, especially during business hours. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking, or to discuss alternative arrangements.

  • Biodegradable food packaging

  • Biodegradable dish washing and cleaning products

  • Can crusher for all can waste

  • Recycling of all bottles and any plastic waste, but we try to avoid the latter if we can

  • Ceiling garden – hanging plants to oxygenate work areas

  • Air purifiers – designed to filter out pollutants whilst heating or cooling rooms