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Interim Menu for Dine In, Takeaways & Picnic Hampers

Treat yourself to a full Greek meal from meze to dessert in the comfort of your own home or as a picnic. All our cartons and packaging are made from plant-based, bio-degradable materials. If you order the day before we will give you the option to include a daily special as part of your takeaway or picnic hamper.

Picnics: If you order hot items, we will package in foil and recommend that you eat them within 2 hours.


Pita bread (plain) £1.95 (V, VG, GF)
Ionian pita bread £2.25 (V, GF)
Brushed with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, Ionian mountain herbs and seasoning. Our pita bread is made at a leading bakery in Athens that was established during the 1950s and is express delivered to us. We do stock wholemeal stone baked gluten free pita which is sourced in the UK


Nibbles £3.45 per portion
Sundried tomatoes – V/VG/GF
Mild green chillies – V/VG/GF
Chargrilled pickled red peppers – V/VG/GF
Dolmades (stuff vine leaves) – V/VG/GF

Olives £3.75 each per portion
Kalamata olives  (V/VG/GF)
Jumbo green with lemon and corriander (V/VG/GF)
Kalamata and green with garlic and herbs (V/VG/GF)

Feta fetish £4.25 (V)
For feta lovers, this tangy meze dish is a joy with wine or lager. Mature feta cubes, sprinkled with paprika, oregano and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil 



Tzatiki £4.55
Live Greek yoghurt cucumber and garlic dip (V/GF)

Hummous £4.75 (V/VG)
Chickpea paste, extra virgin olive oil and fresh coriander

Taramasalata £4.95
Delicate blend of fish roe, bread (gluten free), extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and onion     


Hot Meze

Horiatiki loukaniko £5.50 (GF)
Slices of sautéed Greek village sausage with leek, baked with mixed peppers, onions and oregano served with a squeeze of lemon juice

Gigantes spanaki £5.50 (V/VG/GF)
Slow cooked giant butter beans in onion and tomato sauce with spinach            

Keftethes me saltsa £5.50
Hearty beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce


Filo pastry pies £5.50

Spanakopita (V/VG)
Spinach, leek, fresh dill and onion in folded pastry

Tiropita (V)
Mix of Feta, Gouda and Mezithra cheeses in folded pastry



TomMozza salata £5.75
Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves (and red onion- optional). Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, dressed with fresh pesto and garnished with basil leaves (V/GF)

Horiatiki salata
Mini (one person) £4.75 or Maxi (two people to share) £6.95
Village salad, a delicious mix of crispy lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mixed peppers, Kalamata olives & feta cheese, dressed with wine vinegar, olive oil and oregano. (V/GF/VG-option)



Mozza-onion pizza (V)
Authentic pita bread base from Athens brushed with Ionian dressing. Topped with caramelised onion and mozzarella and grilled until golden
Small (20 cms wide) £4.95 or Large (23 cms wide) £6.95 

Margarita pesto pizza (V/VG-option)
Authentic pita bread base from Athens brushed with Ionian dressing. Topped with garlic passata, mozzarella, fresh pesto and dressed with oregano and basil leaves
Small (20 cms wide) £5.95 or Large (23cms wide) £7.95

Add the following for an extra £1.00 each – onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach leaves
Add the following for an extra £1.95 each – Greek sausage, marinated chicken, parma ham  



Chicken £9.95
Authentic pita bread base from Athens brushed with ionian dressing, a layer of tzatziki, stuffed with Greek salad and last but not least tasty pieces of chicken marniated and roasted in Gyros spice mix (oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, garlic, onion, fenugreek, pepper, cumin and paprika).



Pistachio baklava bites – £1.00 per piece
Kataifi bites – £1.00 per piece
Vanilla cream filo pastry bougatsa – family size (6 portions) – £6.00

Call to place your order: 0800 0219 555

Hive Loyalty Schemes

Favourite Things Hive Loyalty Card

When you order, ask the team to start and stamp a loyalty card for you. Name two of your favourite things from our menu, then every time you order it we will add a stamp. Order an item nine yummy times and you will get your favourite thing or things, next time for FREE!

BeLocal Points

For every £1 spent at The Hive receive 5 reward points worth 1p each. So that’s 5p (not 5 bees) per pound, which can then be redeemed against any full price purchase on food, drink or events at The Hive.

The Hive Menu from 4th July 2020 with options to dine-in or takeaway

Takeaways & Greek Feasting Hampers

  1. Call our free phone number: 0800 0219 555
  2. Select from the menu below and place your order and pay over the phone
  3. We will give you an approximate time slot for when your order will be ready
  4. We will call or text you 10 minutes before your order is ready to collect
  5. We will ensure that collection times are spaced in order to avoid any queueing
  6. On arrival please wait in the entrance corridor and we will bring your order to you
  7. Please stick to the social distancing shown on the floors stickers

Extras: Drinks, coffees, tea and cakes can also be included in your order. Give us a call to let us know what you’d like and we can advise on the cakes of the day and the latest drinks ranges.

Please Note:

  • We will let you know when you call if we are already full for takeaway orders as we anticipate a high demand and have limited capacity in our kitchen.
  • Greek feasts require considerable preparation, so we would appreciate it if you would place your order the day before you need it. Please note that our kitchen closes at 9.00 p.m. so this is the last collection time.
  • We regret that we do not provide delivery services as we are committed to a system that involves the least number of people handling your order.

Dine In at The Hive

  1. Call our free phone number 0800 0219 555
  2. Place your main food order over the phone choosing from the menu below.
  3. Book your table, maximum of 6 people from the same household??
  4. When entering the building please wait in the entrance corridor for directions from our staff
  5. Please adhere to our signage and floor sticker to comply with 1 metre + social distancing
  6. Once seated please use the hand sanitiser on your table
  7. It is important that you complete the ‘Track and Trace’ card at your table and hand it to your dedicated team member
  8. Please remain at your table. A dedicated member of our staff will serve you there and bring your cutlery to you once you have placed your order (before you were seated your table and accessories were sanitised)
  9. Please supervise your children so that they remain seated too
  10. Wash your hands thoroughly when visiting our WC. Please note the guidance on display in the WC
  11. Please don’t gather in the bar area and avoid queuing with others for the toilet which is located at the back of the building on the left
  12. If you need a piece of furniture to be moved or removed from your table, ask your dedicated staff member to do that for you
  13. Pay with a card rather than cash if you are able to. Your dedicated staff member will bring your bill to the table so that you can pay whilst seated, as we want to avoid any queuing at the till
  14. Our tables and dining areas are separated by floor and table screens
  15. Our staff will serve you at the table in PPE
  16. Please do not leave your table for any other reason

Extras: Smaller food items all drinks and desserts can be ordered from the table

NB: Our capacity for dining in is reduced so we may not be able to accommodate your booking, but will door best to find a suitable date and time so that you can enjoy a meal at The Hive

Please download our full Covid-secure procedures and guidelines