Art Exhibition:
The Launch

Art at The Hive, Cranbrook

  • May 2019

  • 7pm – 10pm

  • Clive, Nick and David


Clive’s Style, Subjects, what to expect from Clive.

Clive has been a location photographer for a number of years having worked in over 55 countries for a number of travel related companies. His work has been published in over 100 travel books throughout the world in a number of different languages. He has also worked extensively for a top London design company, producing high-end sales material for the commercial property market.

Since 2000, he has become increasingly interested in the fine art photography market, especially after visiting galleries in the USA. Eventually, in 2008, he opened his first Gallery in Rye, East Sussex and after five years moved into the high Street, a more central location.

Clive concentrates exclusively on his fine art work, after building a good steady client base. His work has sold to clients all over the world. He now has a facility to have ChromaLuxe Prints supplied to clients in the United States directly without having them shipped across the Atlantic. ChromaLuxe panels infuse dyes directly onto coated metal panels to create an incredible durable and detailed print which is fire, chemical, water and abrasion resistant. This makes ChromaLuxe panels suitable for most interior and exterior installations including underwater and climatically challenging environments. They have been designed to offer exceptional fade resistance to ensure your print will last for years to come. Clive now has a company in Portland, Oregon, who can supply these prints to clients in the United States directly thus reducing shipping costs


Nick is a British artist who specialises primarily in contemporary marine art. Growing up in a family of divers, his first diving adventures took place at an early age, allowing him to experience first-hand the vibrancy and amazing textures of the magnificent fish.

Nick’s experience and artistic talent allowed him to develop a unique style of painting, combining the technique of using pure colour on a dark background, as invented by the 16th century Venetian artist, Giorgione with the vibrant colours and truth to nature practiced by the 19th century Pre-Raphaelite artists.

Nick’s stunning works have been highly acclaimed by collectors and the Press, appearing in Sport Diver magazine, Marlin, Crest magazine and he has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious DSWF International Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition every year since 2010 – with his work Highly Commended in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

In 2012 he was commissioned to paint a big cat. This presented a whole new challenge and inspired a new branch of his work – Nick Oneill Art WILDLIFE


David’s Style, Subjects, what to expect from David.

David Winston, who spends his time in Cranbrook and Venice, is both a photographer and a restorer and maker of musical instruments. He sees a direct link between his two passions.

His work with musical instruments has included the restoration of some of the most important pianos in the world, including those of Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt. In 2012 he was granted the Royal Warrant to HM the Queen.

In his photography, he has been looking for a way to work beyond the constraints of modern digital imagery. This has led him to both look back to the earliest photographic process and also develop his own alternative ways of producing a photographic image.

He says: ‘My musical instrument restoration involves seeking out lost sounds, bringing the voices of long dormant musical instruments back to life.  I see these ancient instruments as recording devices, which have captured and stored all the sounds produced on them across the centuries, and as I work on them, they slowly emerge from silence. In this, there is a similarity with photography, which is captured light.  I have always been fascinated by old images and the life and light contained within them.  For me, it is the painterly quality of old photographs, as opposed to the exactness of modern photography, which lends them a different emotional impact.  My attempts to recreate the unique quality of these images in a modern context have led me down the path of alternative and early 19th Century photographic processes.’

Born in California, where he studied Film and Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, David moved to the UK in 1970 and travels extensively with his camera. Like many artists before him, he has been drawn to the city of Venice as a constant source of inspiration and now divides his time between Venice and the UK. His work displays the detached, watchful eye of the outsider, evidenced in his evocative and atmospheric images

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