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Local photographer Fraser Allen exhibits at The Hive

From the 1st June until the end September 2021, The Hive will be exhibiting the photography of Fraser Allen, local designer, artists and photographer. All images are for sale as marked, so take a look next time you are in the Hive for work or for a Greek meal.

About Fraser Allen

Fraser has lived in Kent all his life and Cranbrook for the last 25 years, so considers himself to be a local photographer, also working in Cranbrook running a small graphic design business in its 12th year.

Fraser ‘discovered’ photography around the same time that he set up his business and over the years has been lucky enough to travel to some pretty far away places, always with his camera, but always returning home to take images in and around the UK.

Although he has a small portrait/product studio here in Cranbrook, his passion for landscape photography is what keeps him setting his alarm clock, staying out past sunset and walking across distant hills.

Fraser makes images that he would like to hang on his wall, so is always thrilled when somebody shows an interest in his view of the world, let alone wants a version to hang on their own wall!

Frasers Photography Stories

Union Mill
After a few failed attempts, I finally managed to capture a shot of Cranbrook’s Union Mill against wonderfully lit high-altitude clouds. The darker bluer area to the bottom of the sky is in fact the earth’s shadow cast against these clouds. The image is cropped in tight and taken from what I consider to be the best (and most glamorous) vantage point – coop car park!

Scotney Castle
Out walking near Scotney Castle on a wonderfully warm summer’s evening, the light was beautiful, making the photography just a matter of pointing the camera in the right direction.

Morning Bluebells
I arrived in the woods just after dawn, the deer scattering as they heard me approach. The morning light was breaking through the treetops in warm patches and the bluebells seemed to stretch on forever through the gloom of the trees. All in all, lovely morning to be out with my camera.

Fairfield Sunrise
On a dawn trip out to St Thomas Becket Church at Fairfield on Romney Marsh, I was lucky enough to witness a very beautiful sunrise, illuminating the church and reflected in the still waters – A morning I shall remember for a long time.

Golden Morning
Driving along just after dawn, the morning sun was causing the low lying mist and fog to turn golden. As I rounded a corner, I was presented with this scene in front of me. I had no option but to stop, get the camera out and grab a quick shot.

Angley Sun Rays
I had been out walking since before dawn in my local woodland taking photographs of the mist and was on my way back home when I noticed the morning sun breaking through the trees and creating these beautiful rays, needles to say, I unpacked my camera once again and continued shooting.

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