Flimwell Park made the Daily Telegraph this week, starring in a feature on Saturday 10th April 2021

The Hive was overwhelmed with interest when it reopened in July after the first lockdown, said Emma Smith-Wood, the co-founder. “Demand was strong from city workers who decided to dramati­cally change their work life model, or whose city offices had closed down.”

Among those struggling to work from home, with poor internet and family distractions, was Marc Young, a 50-year-old management consultant. Before Covid, he was commuting daily to either his firm’s London or Norwich offices. “By 10.30am on the first day at home I was climbing the wall and despairing of the poor Wi-Fi;’ he said. “The Hive is around a mile away and it gets me out of the house four days a week, offers good coffee and costs around £10.50 a day to rent a seat. I save £6,000 a year in season tickets and get back three hours a day of my time by not commuting:

Due to the huge levels of demand for such co-working space in subur­ban spots, the Hive is expanding at Flimwell Park, an eco-office woodland scheme set within 46 acres of a former bird sanctuary in East Sussex, with hot desks, meeting zones and Zoom booth. Demand has soared for new Hive hubs across Kent and Sussex in Tenterden, Battle and Chatham, and the company is now building one in Tunbridge Wells.

All office suites in Hub 5 at Flimwell Park are sold out. Dedicated, retained and hot desks are still available and ability to hire the Biz Zoom Booth. Hub 6 is opening shortly, with a Quad and a Solo available in there, as well as the desks and meeting zone hire.

Enquiries and Tours

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