Get connected and stay connected – The Hive co-working hub

It’s unique. It’s boutique. And above all, it’s the Weald’s answer to the growing trend of flexible working. In the UK, 64% of millennials say there needs to be a change in the way we work. The modern worker is demanding an increase in flexi-hours, with a greater emphasis on remote working, and as a result, homeworking is on the rise. But despite this increase, research shows that humans are inherently social beings. We are happier – and also far more productive – when at least some of our working day involves human interaction.

And in Cranbrook, this work mindset is no different. We’ve spoken to a number of remote workers and homeworkers over the years who’ve told us they need a professional yet social environment in which to work – and we’ve listened.


Get Connected

The Hive is a new-concept enterprise that provides a hot desking and social hub in which local businesspeople can thrive. Here, coworkers can connect, collaborate, and cultivate a real sense of community. By making use of a variety of corporate and social spaces within the hub, like-minded individuals can come together to share ideas, knowledge and skills. When it’s time to take a break, they can enjoy a range of Anglo-Greek delicacies, all served in-house. And at the end of the day – when The Hive “goes social” – they can chill out with a well-deserved drink at the bar.


Stay Connected

Apart from physical interaction, successful remote working also relies on the ability to communicate with colleagues or clients online, as and when required throughout the day. This could be via phone/video conferencing, email, or perhaps sharing and accessing online documents via platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Whatever the communication, it’s important that coworkers at The Hive can carry out their online activities seamlessly and without a glitch.


The Hive’s state-of-the-art wifi infrastructure means that users can access and utilise the technology they need, exactly when they need it. There are three separate wifi accounts to maximise capacity throughout the hub. The Hive staff have their own dedicated wifi account which functions completely separately to the Buzz Lounge, for example, where anyone can drop by and use the complimentary super-fast wifi for up to an hour and order food and drink. Then, in the business areas, such as the Biz Studio or Meeting Zone, Buzz Pack holders can enjoy their very own IP address with unique username identity – also with a secure super-fast internet connection.


As Director Emma Wood explains: “To deliver the best possible internet experience, we have invested in a private, dedicated fibre leased line circuit, which means it is uncontended, guaranteeing customers a synchronous 100MB connection. All user connections are private and therefore safe. The Hive has robust firewall appliances in place to prevent intrusion, ensuring customers can benefit from consistent, uninterrupted high performance.”


If you’re looking for a flexible, friendly hub where you can get truly connected, both online and offline – then look no further. Why not book a taster session and see just how welcoming The Hive community is? For more details, speak to us today on 0800 0219 555 or visit