The Hive Team

These are a small collection of the awesome people who’ll be able to help you!

Emma Wood
Founder / Director

Stuart Smith
Founder / Director

Stuart has 35 years experience in the media, advertising and publishing industries and has worked worldwide for some of the world’s largest media publishing and advertising companies. He has planned and bought media campaigns for  the likes of Bupa International, Inmarsat, Cotton Traders, Monarch Airlines, World Pay and CIGNA Global.

Stuart describes himself as knowledgable, caring and enthusiatic.

Danielle Wood
Senior Duty Manager

Proud mother of two, Danielle herself grew up around the hospitality trade. She met her now-husband in 2004 and moved to Greece with him and his family working in Corfu. She since went on to study finance and gained an AAT qualification. Since returning from Corfu she has held high-profile positions including both Dealership Secretary and PA to the Brand Director for a leading UK-based car manufacturer.

Danielle describes herself as organised, bubbly and hard-working.

Marcus Holness

Duty Manager

Tobias Wood
Hospitality & Deli

Coming from a Greek family, Toby was introduced to Mediterranean cuisine and traditions from a young age. Toby then started his hospitality career in Corfu aged just 16, and has since gone on to run a pub in the UK, honing his skills.

Toby describes himself as respectful, trustworthy and welcoming.

Max Smith