Emma’s update on Be Local the UK’s 1st Eco-Local Reward Card Scheme

There can be great strength in numbers when we all work together. I have always believed that when people collaborate they can achieve brilliant things.

At times like this we really need to hold on to this. During lockdown I spent part of my time and part of the Hive’s Covid 19 grant on developing a website platform to help us promote our businesses across Cranbrook and the surrounding area of the Weald and to enable people to push deals to encourage people to shop locally and to use services and buy products closer to their door step.

The result is a platform called belocal.buzz

Other than an admin fee of £3.00 it is offering free advertising for the whole of the rest of the year thanks to Flimwell Park and Enterprise Nation also putting in some sponsorship money alongside our grant contribution.

Thank you Stationery Express UK Ltd and Lightning Tech Repairs and others for joining forces and being amongst the first to support the process.

We are on-boarding more businesses each day and hope that others, whether they be on the high street, on a business park or working from home will join.

When we have 50 on board our social media and radio advertising will begin.

So if you would like to join forces please just go to belocal.buzz and click on ‘List my business’ to get involved.

Hundreds of members of the public have already requested Be local cards which we have just started to distribute.

Any questions please email me connect@hivehubs.buzz or call on 0800 0219 111

Please distribute the information to anyone you know that has a local business.

Charity: Be Local is proud to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

It’s time to Get Behind Be Local