Grierson Galleries invites you to their Current Exhibition “Toward the Sunrise”. There will be no opening event for this exhibition but we do have a virtual tour to view. This exhibition will run until further notice.

View our virtual tour and buy this eclectic mix of eastern inspired artwork: Japan, India, China, Nepal, Mongolia and Vietnam are all highlighted in this unique exhibition.


Virtual Tour of Toward the Sunrise

Our exhibitions normally rotate on a six to eight week basis with an Open Art Viewing for each new exhibition. Friends of Grierson Galleries and the Hive will receive invitations by email in advance. Beverley Bunn will have a permanent presence at the Hive.

About this Exhibition

Western philosophy must be discussed; eastern philosophy must be experienced’ Adriano Bulla

The literal meaning of the word ‘east’ is incredibly romantic and descends from the old English, ēast, (auest) which itself comes from the Germanic ‘austra’: “East, toward the sunrise,” again from Indo-European aus- ‘to shine’ or ‘dawn’.

‘Toward the Sunrise’ is a generic phrase that encapsulates the latest incredible exhibition based on eastern influenced art. Vibrant colour and delicacy of craft.

Even since the time of the Silk Road which linked the east to the west through trade routes for nearly 2,000 years, there has been a delicate and subtle cross culture from the Far East, through India and back to Europe.

For this idiosyncratic take on the east and visual arts, Grierson Galleries is including a number of representative artists.

Jeremy Bear has travelled extensively across Japan and recently Mongolia. He has used his inspiration to depict the young Geisha in their vibrant silk colours. Jeremy likes painting people in their own habitat and that is reflected in the calm and elegant pose of the Geisha.

Baljit Balrow-Venning was raised with an Indian seamstress mother, who, “Engulfed her family in rich uncompromising colour, through textiles, flavours and music,” all inherited by her migration from India in the 1960s. Her art reflects the rich colour, smells and memory that are part of her Indian culture and background.

Grierson Galleries has exhibited the acclaimed Nepalese artist NB Gurung since its inception. Gurung expresses himself in wild watercolour and the tormented Nepalese weather and deep insightful portraits.

Alongside these artists are pictures reflecting eastern animals from wildlife painter Nick O’Neill, also Chinese and Vietnamese pieces.

Toward the Sunrise is a diverse exhibition that crosses the east-west boundary and displays the rich and unique tangible textures of the East.

Jeremy Bear

It is experiences of people and places near and far that inspires Jeremy Bear’s work. In the vibrant paintings of urban life in India he says he strives to bring the viewer on a journey similar to his own so they, too, can see the colours and feel the atmosphere. Through detail he aims to tell a story in one image and create something which resonates with the viewer’s own experiences and imagination. Long visits and journeys in India, Japan and most recently through Mongolia are celebrated in these paintings.

Baljit Balrow-Venning:

Baljit has been practicing art for more than 25 years and has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. She describes her art as intuitive. It is not planned; it is created using memories and expressing a truth for that moment with influences drawn from childhood.

Baljit was raised with a seamstress mother, who engulfed her family in rich uncompromising colour, through textiles, flavours and music; inherited by her migration from India in the 1960’s. My father a collector of random finds and antiquities, encouraged her love of objects and the stories behind them.

NB Gurung

Born in 1976 in Lekhnath in the western municipality of Nepal, NB Gurung has become globally known as a passionate leading watercolour artist. His artistic passion began as a young child when he started copying images from school text books. Encouraged by classmates and his teachers, he began to dream of being an artist some day, however after completing his School Leaving Certificate (SLC), his desire to become formally trained in art had to wait another five years.

About Grierson Galleries

Ever thought of owning a picture you admire for life? A unique art form in your home that is inspirational and uplifting? Choosing a creation that is appealing and spiritual. After years gaining an impressive artistic and cultural reputation in Sevenoaks, Grierson Galleries has moved, evolved and set up camp in Cranbrook alongside The Hive to provide a brand new exciting artistic environment.

Grierson Galleries does not sit quietly. It is a destination for the art connoisseur and the layperson; the entrepreneur and the plain quizzical, with a dark slice of edge, a raised eyebrow. Grierson Galleries is changing the landscape, the standard and ramping up the way we look at contemporary art. It is more than the individual… A forum provider mixing art, cuisine and business in an entirely new socially interactive environment. Intrepid, rousing and unique.

Grierson Galleries is changing the way we look at art, it provides a forum to mix art and business in an entirely new socially interactive environment right here. It is a place where ideas meet art; where business meets a social environment; where creativity locks with new enterprise. It is not meant to be stuffy or unapproachable. It is something new, something different and it is for the community of Cranbrook and its neighbours.

Grierson offers not just art on walls but a bespoke Art as an Investment service, art restoration by a local expert, ‘try before you buy’ and so much more…

Grierson Galleries

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