Hive Cranbrook

Why we believe ‘local supports local’ at the Hive

Cranbrook is one of Kent’s most vibrant and bustling market towns. Once the thriving hub of the region’s medieval cloth weaving industry, Cranbrook and its surrounding areas still rely on local produce to serve both residents and the many tourists who pass through each year.

So what does the mantra ‘local supports local’ mean to us? In short, it means supporting the wealth of local independent retailers that work hard every day to keep our rural high streets and other surrounding businesses alive by offering variety while also saving on food miles – all of which is especially important during these times. At The Hive, our aim is to ‘support local’ as far as possible, so that we can all benefit and continue to thrive.

So if you fancy an alternative bar or restaurant with a truly local vibe, then check back for regular updates over the next few weeks to see what’s on offer at The Hive, as we prepare to open our doors to guests once more. 

Local food

Although a great deal of our menu is inspired by Greek cuisine, we still source most of the ingredients from local suppliers. For example, the sausages used in our mezes and pitas are delivered directly from the butchers across the road – you can’t get closer than that! Meanwhile, our most popular bar snacks come from the county’s leading local-turned-global producer of traditional hand-cooked Kent Crisps, in a range of flavours including Ashmore Cheese & Onion, Oyster & Vinegar, Roast Beef & Spitfire Ale, Sea Salt & Vinegar with Biddenden Cider. Tasty!

Local tipples

Wines by royal appointment: One of our most popular wines at The Hive is also enjoyed by Her Majesty the Queen. Served to Barack Obama at a state banquet, the Fitzrovia Sparkling Rosé from local vineyard, Ridgeview, blends Chardonnay for “freshness and finesse”, with Pinots for “pronounced red berry fruit flavours”. In fact, The Hive team originally supported Ridgeview back in the early 2000s when they were in their infancy, so it’s a pleasure to stock and serve their range today. Meanwhile, from an award-winning estate just a few miles down the road, Biddenden Vineyardsprovides us with a wide range of wines to suit every pallet. Favourites include the Gribble Bridge Dornfelder (Red), Ortega Dry (White) and Gribble Bridge Rosé. We also stock a delicious Kentish sparkling mead from nearby Mereworth, which has a light, refreshing taste at just 4% ABV, and comes in three flavours: Manuka Flower & Oak, Hemp & Hop, and Elderberry & Elderflower.

Best of the beers: With its iconic oast houses and hop farms scattered across the county, Kent is synonymous with ales of all different varieties and strengths. We stock too many to mention here, but if you’re partial to a pint, do come in and explore our fabulous range of lagers and ales from various Kent breweries – you won’t be disappointed!

Scrumptious ciders: Although the West Country may be famous for its cider production, here in Kent we have many a scrumpy that would give them a run for their money. If you’re a cider-drinker, then we have a great selection to tantalise your taste buds. Having grown up in the orchards of local farm Gibbet Oak, the team at Nightingale Cider know a thing or two about apples. Popular flavours include the Night Bird, Russet, Tenterden and Falstaff Bramley. Just across the fields, Biddenden Vineyards also produces a range of tasty ciders including Biddies, and of course their delicious sparkling cider, Red Love.

In high spirits: Famed for their hedgerow liquers, Wild Spirits of Kent use  handpicked plants such as quince, sloes and blackberries, which are infused with Kent-distilled gin and vodka to make the perfect spirit. We also love Kentish distillery Anno’s exquisite range of award-winning gins and vodkas.

A break from the booze
If you fancy a refreshing alternative to alcohol, why not try our delicious range of fruit juices. Renowned across the UK, yet sourced from nearby Lamberhurst, our Owlet juice range includes Cox & Bramley, Pear, and Rhubarb & Strawberry. We also stock Biddenden Vineyard’s very own farm-pressed Apple Juice. Or for a winter warmer, try our Cranbrook Honey tea, or our Kent Honey tea.

If you’re looking for a local place for local people, serving the best in Kent-produced food and drink, then pop in and soak up the community vibe at The Hive.