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Enterprise, hot desking & social hub, creating a buzz in Cranbrook, Kent

By day, Monday to Friday, a grown-up space that supports those that are working, or popping by for lunch. By night, Monday to Friday and weekends, a social hub with a Greek Kitchen and licensed bar where friends, family, colleagues and visitors to the Weald can hang-out.  

The Hive is a brand new concept, described by some as a new-age internet cafe, others a collaborative co-working centre. It is both of these and so much more. A place where all types of workers and the local community can work, collaborate and socialise.

In essence, an environment that stimulates enterprise, and allows local businesspeople to take a break from home-working, interact with like-minded individuals, and be there for the community – at the heart of the community;  whilst also offering welcoming spaces for people of all ages to enjoy one another’s company during the evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Hive offers hot desking, meeting zones, locally sourced freshly prepared cuisine in the Greek Kitchen, events, local art and networking all in one fabulously designed space.

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Mbps Hyper-speed WIFI and dedicated IP internet service
From Cranbrook High Street, at 19 Stone Street
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£60 for 6 months or £99 for a year

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