As Nobel prize winner and diplomat Kofi Annan once observed: “The world is not ours to keep. We hold it in trust for future generations.” However, the emergence of agriculture, technology and industry has meant that we now consume more resources than our planet can support.

‘Zero waste’ has become a buzzword in recent years, but why? There are currently 7.7 billion people on Earth, and with the global population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050, consumption levels will only increase if we don’t all do our part to reduce both our carbon footprint (emissions) and ecological footprint (area of land needed to support consumption per person, city, territory etc).

Studies show that the UK needs 2.4 planets to support its current rate of consumption. While we’re not as guilty as our European or US counterparts, we do need to stop depleting our resources so quickly. The UK Government has pledged to achieve a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. And here at The Hive, everything has been geared towards supporting an eco-friendly, zero-waste business model – right down to the last detail.


Hot desking offers a breath of fresh air (quite literally)

At The Hive, we wanted to offer customers the healthiest working environment possible by investing in a state-of-the-art filtration system to cleanse the air. Our Dyson air purifiers, which are engineered using vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filters, automatically sense and capture a whopping 99.97% of allergens in the air, including dust, pollen and gases. So now you needn’t worry next time you forget to bring your hay fever tablets into work. Instead, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that your workspace is as clean as can be.


Plant power to promote productivity

We’ve also incorporated a ceiling garden in the co-working areas, which enhances the working environment in three ways. It goes without saying that plants will add to the aesthetics of any indoor setting, and at The Hive we love our botanicals. But ceiling gardens also help to increase positivity and therefore productivity in the workplace, with over half of Brits (53%) saying that being around plants actively enhances their mood. In addition, having plants around you as you work is really good for your physical health because they also help cleanse the air. In fact, NASA has proved that indoor plants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air within 24 hours – now that is clean!


Dimming down on power

 To help keep our energy levels in check, we’ve invested in LED lightbulbs throughout the hub, but it doesn’t stop there. At 5pm, The Hive ‘goes social’, which means we turn the lights down – each on its own separate dimmer – to provide a real ‘hang-out’ vibe while reducing power consumption further still.

Waste not, want not

Landfill is a serious problem in the UK, so we’re dedicated to upholding a zero-waste approach in everything we do. We’ll be introducing take-away thermal mugs made from recycled plastic to cut down on waste. We also stock a wide range of award-winning fusion teas – which can be brewed directly in a teapot, negating the need for tea bags (most of which actually contain plastic!) – or simply poured into our thermal mugs if customers need to hit the road. We’ve even installed a beer can crusher in the bar area so customers can get crushing when they’ve finished enjoying their drinks, reducing the volume of waste for collection.

Minimising food packaging also helps to reduce landfill, and so we’ve introduced biodegradable food packs which we can dispose of in an eco-friendly way, rather than adding to our refuse.

Food miles is an important consideration when sourcing produce for a business. As a developed nation, we’ve become accustomed to consuming produce from all over the world and throughout every season, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At The Hive, we’re already making sure our food is sustainable by reducing food miles. Not only does this save on fuel, but it also reduces the time from “field to fork” so that we can offer our diners the freshest ingredients possible. We’re committed the mantra of ‘local supports local’ and as such, we endeavour to use nearby suppliers whenever feasible. Our meat, for example, is delivered personally from the butchers directly across the road in Stone Street – you can’t get much closer than that!

As a country that consumes resources faster than we are able to regenerate, now is the time to seriously consider the impact we are having on the globe. Adopting the processes and habits mentioned above, as well as spreading the word on zero waste, can help restore the balance and make us proud of the world that will one day belong to our children.

If you’re a self-confessed eco-warrior – or you simply feel you should be ‘doing a bit more’ – becoming part of The Hive community can help ease your conscience and allow you do your part without actually lifting a finger (apart from using the can crusher, of course). To find out more about our eco-friendly facilities, contact us at