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Grierson Galleries working with The Hive

Regular Exhibitions and Artist in Residence at The Hive

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About Grierson Galleries

Ever thought of owning a picture you admire for life? A unique art form in your home that is inspirational and uplifting? Choosing a creation that is appealing and spiritual. After years gaining an impressive artistic and cultural reputation in Sevenoaks, Grierson Galleries has moved, evolved and set up camp in Cranbrook alongside The Hive to provide a brand new exciting artistic environment.

Grierson Galleries does not sit quietly. It is a destination for the art connoisseur and the layperson; the entrepreneur and the plain quizzical, with a dark slice of edge, a raised eyebrow. Grierson Galleries is changing the landscape, the standard and ramping up the way we look at contemporary art. It is more than the individual… A forum provider mixing art, cuisine and business in an entirely new socially interactive environment. Intrepid, rousing and unique.

Grierson Galleries is changing the way we look at art, it provides a forum to mix art and business in an entirely new socially interactive environment right here. It is a place where ideas meet art; where business meets a social environment; where creativity locks with new enterprise. It is not meant to be stuffy or unapproachable. It is something new, something different and it is for the community of Cranbrook and its neighbours.

Grierson offers not just art on walls but a bespoke Art as an Investment service, art restoration by a local expert, ‘try before you buy’ and so much more…

Grierson Galleries

Grierson Galleries is now proudly working with The Hive in Cranbrook. Please contact the Gallery below.

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    Resident Artist & Exhibitions at the HiveHub, Cranbrook

    Beverley Bunn will have a permanent presence at the Hive. Other exhibitions will rotate on a six- to eight-week basis with a Meet the Artists Open Viewing for each new exhibition. Friends of Grierson Galleries and the Hive will receive e-invitations in advance.


    Beverley brings together her artistic flair and a background in engineering to create fused glass art in both 2D and 3D formats. From her studio in Chatham, she designs collections for galleries, makes bespoke art for homes and work spaces, produces seasonal gift ranges and teaches the art of glass fusing. Beverley loves to push the boundaries of this fascinating medium. She explores processes that incorporate other artistic practices such as printing, sculpture and painting – but with glass of course!

    Beverley Bunn Gallery

    Art Exhibitions at The Hive

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